Commercial Pest Services

For over 120 years, Waltham Pest Services has provided the most innovative and effective commercial pest management services in the marketplace.  Our environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices have helped local businesses overcome even the most stubborn pest problems.  IPM is a proactive approach to pest management that incorporates pest monitoring, non-chemical and physical controls, communication and documentation, low impact chemical controls when appropriate, and a supervised approach to maintain or achieve pest-free conditions.

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Pest Services for the Commerical Sector


Waltham Pest Services was the first to introduce this microbial treatment. Now many food service facilities use this service to clean their drains. During this treatment, microbes eliminate fats and grease inside the drain. This keeps the drains flowing freely. It also helps reduce unpleasant odors. This service is also available as part of our Green Theme Program.

Bed Bug Control

People accidentally transport bed bugs in suitcases, gym bags, furniture, and other household items. Bed bugs can be pests in many commercial facilities like hotels, dorms, and apartments. Our trained professionals can use a variety of methods to eliminate these pests. Effective treatment starts with a thorough inspection.

Termite Control

Termites are wood-destroying insects that cause severe structural damage to your. In New England Subterranean Termites invade commercial properties and while they prefer rotten or decaying wood they attack dry timber and timber framed buildings. Termites are active pests all year long but are more noticeable in the spring as reproductive members of their colonies swarm in order to establish new colonies. Stop the termite damage to your home this spring! Learn more about termite infestations and how Waltham Pest Services can help you prevent termites.

Rodent Control

Sometimes rats and mice get indoors, creating a nuisance. They damage property, contaminate food, and transmit diseases like salmonellosis and trichonosis. They cause between $500 million to $1 billion a year in damage in the United States. Some 20 percent of fires of unknown origin are thought to be caused by rodents gnawing through electrical wiring. Therefore, effective control methods for rats and mice are essential.

Fly Control Program

Flies are nuisances and they can be a threat to human health. A fly problem usually indicates that there is something else wrong as well. Professionals from Waltham Pest Services will make a thorough inspection and provide you with a report of their findings.

The report will identify the type of flies and point out the areas where the flies are breeding. The report will include a treatment plan that is customized to your situation. The report will also include recommendations for any changes in housekeeping or sanitation that will help eliminate fly problems in the future.

Food Safety Inspections

The Inspectors from Waltham Pest Services can help Food Establishments stay ready for inspections by the local Health Department.
Our Inspectors are all ServSafe certified. Our audits focus on the same items that the local inspectors will be checking. Our inspectors will check Personal Hygiene Practices, Storage, Food Preparation, and Cleaning. After each audit, you will receive a detailed report.

LEED Certification Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program follows LEED certification guidelines. Professionals from Waltham Pest Services will analyze your situation and recommend an IPM program that is customized for you.

Training, Consulting, and Audits

Waltham Pest Services has several entomologists on our staff. Call on these experts for help with pest identification or identification of product contamination by pests.


Facility Audits

Our entomologists can perform facility audits. These audits include sanitation issues and structural conditions that are conducive to pest infestation.

Our entomologists can also assist in staff training in areas such as good warehouse practices, pest prevention, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Call a Waltham Pest Services branch to discuss your particular situation: