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Accurate and timely information is critical to the success of any pest management program. Waltham Pest Services’ data collection and reporting software gives customers access to information that they need, when they need it.

Our skilled service technicians electronically record data from pest control equipment, such as traps and bait stations, utilizing hand held devices. Using our web-based reporting system, customers can access all  data generated for each of their locations and view individualized reports that are specific to their operations.  Customers may:

  • Retrieve service reports and activity summaries,
  • Retrieve valuable Material Use and Summary Reports for inspectors,
  • Identify activity trends, be proactive and stop issues before they occur, and
  • Check the status of deficiencies that may be contributing to  pest activity.

In addition,  electronic data allows customers to:

  • Confirm when and where service has been performed,
  • Manage facilities remotely,
  • Pinpoint problem areas within larger facilities, and
  • Manage  invoices and make payments.

Other enhancements to electronic data include instant communication. For example, as soon as a customer-designated threshold is reached, an e-mail alert can be issued. The alert is based on the information that was uploaded to the system by the Service Technician. The e-mail notifications facilitate easy follow up and quick resolution.

Maintaining pest-free facilities is the ultimate goal. Accurate and timely communication is key to obtaining this goal.

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