Fly Control Program

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Protect Your Business From Flies

Flies are known to carry many disease-causing organisms and have been implicated as vectors of Listeria, Salmonella, and E-Coli.  Don’t risk inspection violations and loss of business due to fly infestations.

Professional Fly Inspections
Fly control starts with an inspection, inside and out.  Our professional staff will use their expertise to find conditions conducive to fly infestation.  We will pinpoint locations where flies gain access to your premises.  A comprehensive report of our findings, plus a recommended service plan will be presented to you.

Our pest professionals will advise you of conditions that are contributing to fly activity and explain steps you can take to discourage flies. These steps include identifying the type of fly, breeding areas, and entry points. Structural and sanitation recommendations will be made to help correct the problem.

Where Do Flies Breed?
Outdoor fly breeding sites include rubbish compactors, dumpsters, and other nearby areas of stagnant water.  It is imperative to keep doors closed and screens in good repair.  Indoor breeding sites include wet areas containing organic matter such as floor drains and beneath kitchen equipment.

Control & Prevention

  Good housekeeping and sanitation practices cannot be overemphasized.  Always cover food to prevent contamination from flies. Our tools to complete further corrective action include:

  • Insecticides treatment to interior and exterior breeding and resting sites
  • Insect Light Traps

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