Food Safety Inspections

Picture of Raw Hamburger Patties

Protect Your Food Establishment

Because providing safe food and protecting your permit to operate your food establishment are vital to your business, there’s nothing more important than being prepared for an inspection by your local Health Department, whether the inspector comes calling announced or unannounced.

Waltham Pest Services Food Safety Audits

Our audits complement your HACCP Program, focusing on the exact items your local inspector will be examining:

  • personal cleanliness and hygienic practices
  • storage and cleaning practices
  • cross-contamination prevention
  • pest control and prevention
  • equipment and facility maintenance
  • employee practices

You can have complete confidence in our skilled inspectors, all of whom are ServSafe certified. Following each audit, their professional observations and findings will be reported to you in detail. Hiring an outside audit firm such as Waltham Pest Services demonstrates your utmost commitment to operating in a safe, clean, and healthy manner, as well as your willingness to support your HACCP Program 110%.

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