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How Waltham Pest Services Can You Help You

Whether you operate one grocery store or 100, thorough and efficient pest control is essential. Our technicians and service mangers recognize that communication, standard service procedures, trend reports, and documentation are also important to you. We can assure consistency through our active service management practices.

Our technicians will check in and out with the individual you designate responsible, and leave a signed service receipt. We will maintain a pest control logbook with records of pest activity, pesticide use, and in-store conditions.

Our hands-on service managers will meet regularly with your contact person, perform service audits, and focus on problems and problem-solving directives. Request a free inspection or to locate your local Waltham Pest Services branch.

Pest Control & Grocery Stores

A grocery store creates an ideal habitat for pests. The environment provides the three essentials the nuisances seek: water, shelter, and food, which can be found in great abundance. Many common pests feed on the same foods we eat, and the variety of edible items grocery stores offer can appeal to a range of pest species.

To make matters worse, fruits and vegetables, which many pests prefer, remain displayed out in the open, giving the unwanted guests easy access to food. With frequent deliveries and steady traffic into stores, pests find ample opportunities to come inside. No threat is too small, as the presence of a single pest can prove costly to business.


How Pests Affect Business

Pests can damage profitability both directly and indirectly. Feeding can damage food or ruin the aesthetic, making it unmarketable.

Crawling pests can contaminate food simply by coming into contact with it, and pests that leave behind waste can ruin entire supplies of products. If infestations get out of hand, pests can cause grocers to fail health and safety regulation inspections, which may result in steep fines or the closure of the store until the problem is addressed and corrected.

Pests can also indirectly damage profitability by disgracing the clean image grocers find vital to maintaining business. If media outlets expose infestations, the results can dramatically cut down on business. Supermarket chains especially need to worry about brand reputation. A 2004 consumer poll performed by Orkin revealed that 43-percent of people who spot a pest in one store will negatively judge the entire chain.

Common Grocery Store Pests

Rodents - Rodents, such as mice, roof rats, and Norway rats, primarily threaten stockroom supplies. Some of the most invasive and prolific pests worldwide, rodents remain a major concern to the grocery store industry. On estimate, rodents damage and contaminate enough food worldwide to feed 200 million people per year.

Much of the food grocery stores stock remains susceptible to rodent attack, as the pests can squeeze into tight spaces and gnaw through packaging. Damage to packaging alone necessitates discarding the product, not to mention damage done to food. Rodent waste remains the largest threat to profitability, as it represents a serious health concern and can contaminate a large amount of food.

Flies - Doors constantly open and close at grocery stores, giving flies ample opportunities for entrance. Once inside, the scavengers generally hover around openly available food sources like produce. Flies are also common around overripe produce and rotting organic matter found in garbage containers.

If grocery stores do not remain vigilant in stocking fresh fruits and vegetables or removing trash, flies can quickly infest stores. The presence of flies can affect public perceptions of store cleanliness and spread disease-causing germs like Salmonella and Listeria. Continually flying and landing in new spots, the flying insects can transmit germs across a wide area relatively quickly.

Cockroaches - The most reviled of all insect pests, cockroaches commonly crawl through sewage and rotting organic material and spread the harmful bacteria and pathogens to the surfaces they touch. In addition to the health concerns, cockroaches can severely damage a store's reputation. Stores discovered to have the pests can carry the negative stigma accompanying cockroaches for a long time.

Birds - Birds, like sparrows and pigeons, often nest near grocery stores and may occasionally get inside. Large, warehouse-like retailers even sometimes experience birds living in the rafters. These pests can damage food and cause messes around the building through defecation.

Why In-House Pest Control Doesn't Work

Some grocery retailers may want to take care of pest problems themselves. This ill-advised control strategy remains ineffective and can cause more problems.

Most DIY pest control procedures can only kill a few adult pests and do little to stop breeding. Additionally, the use of tactics like mousetraps or cockroach motels can give off the same negative appearance as actual pest sightings.

How Pest Control Professionals Can Help

In addition to providing pest control solutions in the home, pest management professionals offer integrated pest management (IPM) services to retail and grocery establishments. Pest control specialists can stop pests from ever entering and becoming problems. Understanding that different establishments require different solutions, pest professionals tailor solutions to the specific needs of every client.

The experts use the latest practices to keep pests away while ensuring food quality and safety. From local grocers to large supermarket chains, pests management professionals can keep the unwelcome visitors out of any food retailer.

Why Waltham?

With over 120 years of varied experience, Waltham Pest Services is committed to providing superior commercial pest management services for supermarket and grocery industry.

  • Pledge to provide thorough and efficient pest management via quality communication, documentation, and service procedures.
  • Active service management practices help protect brand reputation.
  • Tailored IPM services prevent and treat common grocery store pests like rodents, flies, cockroaches, and birds.

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