Integrated Pest Management

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What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the combination of all methods of pest control which may prevent, reduce, suppress, eliminate, or repel an insect population. The main requirements necessary to support any pest population are food, shelter and water. Upsetting the balance of these assist in controlling a pest population.

Integrated Pest Management involves the knowledgeable use of all pest control methods (sanitation, mechanical, physical exclusion, and chemical) to benefit mankind’s health, welfare, comfort, property and food. IPM is a partnership between the pest control professional and the client; a holistic approach to pest management that de-emphasizes the sole reliance on the use of pesticides.


Massachusetts IPM Council’s Definition of IPM

IPM is a systematic strategy for managing pests which considers prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression. Where chemical pesticides are necessary, a preference is given to materials and methods which maximize public safety and reduce environmental risk. Benefits of IPM include efficiency, long-term results, effective pesticide usage, reduced risk, and cost savings in the long run. IPM requires the following steps:

Inspection and Identification
This diagnostic step determines conditions conducive to pests and the extent of a pest problem. In addition to a flashlight and tools to gain access into hard to reach areas, we utilize Waltham Watchman non-toxic insect monitors. Proper pest identification is required to assure the approach for best results. Training and education of Waltham personnel enable us to succeed here, where others fail.

Threshold Factors
These include health and safety concerns created by pests, legal mandates prohibiting pest infestation, and establishing pest tolerance levels.

Integrated Control Measures
Strategies should be safe and effective, least disruptive and least hazardous to humans, other non-target organisms, and the environment. Control measures should also focus on obtaining short and long term results, be productive, and cost-effective.

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