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Commercial Pest Management Services for Schools & the Education Industry

Schools and Universities often contain several buildings with varied uses exposed to multiple pest pressures. Pesticide use is often closely regulated, actions monitored, and record keeping substantial. Learning institutions at all levels need adequate pest management.

Servicing schools, day cares, and school-age child care facilities requires special expertise and knowledge in performing pest management, familiarity with state pesticide use and notification laws.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Maine have specific rules and regulations describing acceptable practices in schools and day care facilities. The remaining states are working on similar rules and soon all in the Northeast will explicitly spell out acceptable and unacceptable practices in schools.

Pest Control Plan
Our pest control plan for schools is customized for each school and school district’s needs. Low impact green and organic products are used when necessary to make sure students and staff are safe, and don’t have to work in schools that have pest problems.

Let us write and develop your plan and help you implement your school’s IPM policy. Request a free inspection or to locate your local Waltham Pest Services branch.

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