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Hyannis Pest Control & Protection

Why Contact Waltham Pest Services?

We are an experienced pest control company with a high success rate in the removal of insects and rodents from your home or business.

History -
Waltham Pest Services has been providing exceptional and professional service while protecting your family from pests and rodents in Massachusetts since 1893.
Our technicians are trained and have been nationally recognized for their continuing study of the behavior, biology, and control of pest.
It is our belief that as pest exterminators it is our role to rid your surroundings of insects and rodents but at the same time to protect the environment and we incorporate that belief into all of our services with our Green Theme.
With Waltham Pest Services and our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), you can rest assured that we use the least amount of chemicals we can while effectively resolving your pest problem in Hyannis.
  • Brian Hanley

    Operations Manager
  • Ed McGonagle

    Service Manager

Residential pest control services in Hyannis MA

We offer many different residential pest services for your home that protects your family for such pests as bees, carpenter ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, ticks and even mosquitoes.

All of our programs are handled by our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which reduces the chemicals used to eliminate the pest while remaining effective in our goal of a home free of unwanted insects and rodents. We also offer a year round Home Care plan that includes two pre-scheduled visits, a preventive treatment plan, a written report of our findings and additional services.  For all of your household pest control concerns, trust Waltham Pest Services.

Pest control services for carpenter ants in Hyannis

Carpenter ants can be difficult to treat and that’s why we offer our carpenter ant control.  Using an integrated approach that starts with moisture elimination, we’ll remove any overhanging limbs around your home and make alterations at the point of entry to ensure that you don’t have renewed carpenter ant activity in or around your Hyannis home.  For effective carpenter ant control, contact us today.

Hyannis Bed Bug control

Bed bugs infestations are on the rise once again after many years of dormancy.  These small, flat, oval shaped insects can be found in residences, motels, movie theaters and are wonderful travelers that feed on blood. Bed bugs have the ability to hide in extremely small spaces most commonly in mattresses leaving a trail of reddish or brownish spots. They are prolific breeders and can quickly infest your home and business quickly and thoroughly. If you suspect bed bugs, we can help.  At Waltham Pest Services we are bed bug exterminators trained at identifying and eliminating these nighttime pests. To schedule an inspection please contact us today.

Protect your Hyannis business with Waltham Pest Services

Waltham Pest Services has been solving commercial insect and rodent problems for over 100 years in Massachusetts. We use a proactive approach to pest control which means we take the time to monitor the site, use non-chemical and physical controls when possible, give you written feedback, and offer a supervised approach to achieve and maintain a pest-free environment.  We have worked with a wide variety of businesses including the following:

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses including the following:

  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food Services
  • Government
  • Grocery
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Historic Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Research Facilities
  • Multi-Unit
  • Property Management
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Schools & Educational Facilities

Technology Changes, Experience Doesn’t

Protecting homes from pests for over 120 years, Waltham Pest Services home care plan offers a complete, environmentally friendly pest control solution, designed to keep pest problems at bay while protecting your home, family and pets.

Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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