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Framingham Pest Control

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We offer professional service in exterminating insects and rodents from your home and business.

History -
Waltham Pest Services has been providing winning service in pest control in Massachusetts since 1893.
Our teams of technicians are highly trained and have even been nationally recognized for their continuing education of the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
We put to use our own Green Theme belief into all aspects of our services. Our Green Theme belief is that as pest exterminators it is our role to rid your surroundings of pest but at the same time to protect and preserve the environment..
We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure that we reduce the amount of chemicals while effectively removing your insect and rodent problem.

Framingham Pest Control & Protection

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Framingham Pest Pressure

Framingham, Massachusetts is home to approximately 70,000 individuals and serves as a midway point between the major cities of Boston and Worcester. Average summer temperatures hover between 70 and 90°F , and the nearby ocean ensures high levels of humidity, while winter temperatures rarely exceed 40°F, with snowfall regularly occurring between late October and early April. The warm, humid summers attract a plethora of pests, and the cold, harsh winters drive many insects and rodents inside houses, apartments, and business buildings for the readily available food and the warmth provided by central heating.

Typical structural pests in the area include: mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, flies, and bed bugs. In outdoor wooded areas of Framingham, typical pests include: moths, wood-boring beetles, mosquitoes, and ticks. During the summer months, moths and wood-boring beetles attack bushes, trees, and other foliage in lawns and forests. Once the temperature starts to drop, some pests will move into heated buildings to prey on furniture, clothing, grains, wooden window and door frames, and support beams. Mosquitoes and ticks typically do not infest homes; however, they spread diseases during the summer and may lurk in yards and public parks or hiking trails.