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Hyde Park Pest Removal & Prevention

Why Contact Waltham Pest Services?

We offer the best professional pest control services with a high success rate in removing insects and rodents from your home or business.

History -
Waltham Pest Services has been providing exceptional pest control services in Hyde Park and southern Massachusetts for over 100 years.
Our teams of technicians are highly trained and have been nationally recognized for their continuing education on the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
Green insect control. We use the Green Theme belief into all aspects of our services. Our Green Theme belief is that as Massachusetts pest exterminators it is our role to get rid of insects and rodents while at the same time protecting the environment.
Through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) we can ensure that we use the least amount of chemicals while effectively resolving your pest problem in the safest way possible.

If you have carpenter ants, box elder bugs or any kind of pest problem in Hyde Park or throughout Massachusetts, Waltham Pest Services can help.

Residential pest control services in Hyde Park MA

We offer many different pest control plans and programs to suit your needs, such as a bee removal service, a carpenter ant plan, termite plan, bed bug plan and even a mosquito plan to eliminate those annoying insects. 

All of these programs are handled with the care of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which reduces the chemicals used in eliminating the insect or rodent in your home but are still highly successful.  We also offer a Home Care Plan that includes two pre-scheduled visits, preventive treatment, and additional services. 

Please contact Waltham Pest Services for all your pest control needs in Massachusetts.

Hyde Park Pest Pressure

Though inland from the Atlantic, Hyde Park, MA,is close enough to feel the ocean's effects on its climate and pest population. The Neponset River that runs through the region supports a variety of creatures, including a number of animals and insects that often move into area buildings and wreak havoc on businesses.

Ant Damage

Ants in Massachusetts cause issues in several ways. Among the most troublesome, the carpenter ant burrows into wood, causing structural problems. These and other ant species also feed on pantry goods and invade cupboards in office break rooms.

Rodents Spreading Disease

When mice and rats enter Hyde Park businesses or homes, they excel at staying out of sight. These pests are most active at night and can transmit illnesses via their waste as well as bites and scratches. Rat and mouse infestations may also bring fleas and ticks into living and work spaces.

Bed Bug Problems

A typical way for bed bug infestations to begin in a hotel is through a visitor's clothes or luggage. Since the pests hide in fabric, it is easy for guests to carry them inside without knowing. Once indoors, bed bugs wait in furniture seams during the day and creep out at night to take blood meals.

Buzzing Flies

These insects thrive across the U.S., and Hyde Park is no exception. A house fly feeds on feces, animal carcasses, and rotting organic matter, which brings the pest into contact with all sorts of pathogens. House flies breed where they eat, so people usually see them in kitchens and restaurant storage areas.

Cockroach Infestations

These pests need moisture to survive. As a result, they often infest Hyde Park hotels and apartments with leaky pipes or faucets.

Once inside, cockroaches pass from one unit to another via plumbing, electrical ducts, or other gaps in shared walls. Since infestations spread bacteria, removal is crucial.

More Pests in Hyde Park

Even though they don't pass diseases to people or pets, silverfish and earwigs are still a cause for concern. Silverfish damage paper products, including wallpaper and books, while earwigs enter buildings in large numbers. Because both insects need moisture, they frequent basements and restrooms.

For these and other pests, the safest method of removal is to contact an expert. Waltham Pest Services can provide effective residential or commercial control.