Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Picture of Two Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are notorious invaders of homes and hotels. They crawl out of their hiding places in mattress seams and dark crevices at night to feed on blood. Bed bug infestations spread easily, and they can be difficult to detect and remove.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous to People?

In general, bed bugs are not dangerous, because they don’t transmit diseases. Bites often result in itchy, swollen bumps, as well as symptoms like anxiety and insomnia. However, those with allergies might experience a strong reaction that requires medical attention.

The main danger bed bugs pose in a house is that they spread and reproduce quickly. Ignoring bed bugs allows the pests to multiply into a serious problem.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous for Businesses?

Customer reviews about bed bugs are bad news for the hospitality industry. Reports can cause the value of hotel rooms to drop dramatically. Lawsuits against guesthouses, hotels, and motels with bed bug infestations are also a concern.

Bed bugs are dangerous in offices as well. One employee dealing with the pests at home may lead to a widespread issue in the workplace. The insects can transfer via briefcases, purses, and clothing to coworkers as well as carpeting and furniture throughout the building.

Bed Bug Removal

Since the pests are resilient and tough to completely remove from a building, those who suspect a bed bug problem should contact Waltham Pest Services. Our experts have training in inspection, prevention, and safe removal of bed bugs from residences or businesses.

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