Can You See Bed Bugs?

Picture of Bed Bugs in Corner

Finding Bed Bugs

Knowing how to look for bed bugs can save home and business owners a great deal of time and expense. These pests often don’t show themselves right away, but their bites make locating infestations a top priority. Due to a bed bug’s size and nocturnal habits, detection requires close inspection.

Can You See Bed Bugs with the Naked Eye?

These insects are so skilled at hiding during the day that they may seem invisible. However, when looking in the right places, you can see bed bugs without magnification. Reddish-brown adult pests are most visible against light-colored mattresses or fabric. Check places like:

  • Corners or cracks in furniture
  • Electrical outlets
  • Upholstery seams

How Big Are Bed Bugs?
At about a quarter inch long, the adult size of a bed bug is similar to an apple seed. Nymphs are smaller and harder to see. Bed bug eggs are clear and as small as a pinhead.

How to Look for Bed Bugs in a Residence or Business

The first step to bed bug control is identifying an infestation. Even if the pests prove to be elusive, other evidence can reveal their presence. Signs include:

  • Brown or reddish stains on fabric
  • Yellowish cast-off skins
  • Clusters of tiny, transparent eggs

To avoid a bed bug problem, inspect some of the pests’ favorite places to hitch a ride into the house or office. Used furniture, luggage, bags, and secondhand clothing many all harbor the insects.

Control and Removal

Most people have difficulty dealing with these pests without professional help. The best form of prevention is expert inspection by those trained in how to look for bed bugs. Contact Waltham Pest Services at the first sight of bed bugs in a home or business.

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