Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Picture of Bed Bug

Do Bed Bugs Fly into Homes?

These insects don’t develop wings at any stage of their development. As a result, bed bugs don’t fly. Their primary means of transportation is crawling. They also use people and objects, like clothing, luggage, and used furniture,to get from place to place.

How Do They Move?

While bed bugs can’t fly, they are mobile. Their flat bodies slip easily through small cracks in walls, and the pests are tiny enough to crawl unnoticed along electrical wiring. Infestations in apartment buildings, offices, and hotels spread quickly because bed bugs can move through vents.

Do Bed Bugs Jump?
Home and business owners might find the pests up high on window frames or within heavy curtain folds, but bed bugs don’t jump, either. The insects are highly motivated to locate dark hiding spots close to a host, so they climb on walls and furniture to secure a safe haven near people.


Even though bed bugs don’t fly or jump, they still create plenty of issues. Once they invade a building, bed bugs will wait for an opportunity to feed. The pests can live for months without a blood meal. When bed bugs do discover a viable host, their bites can irritate skin and cause rashes.


Once an infestation is underway, traps and home remedies are no longer an option. These methods rarely remove both eggs and adults, which allows populations to grow. Home and business owners should instead turn to Waltham Pest Services for professional residential and commercial bed bug control.

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