Mosquito Larvae

picture of a mosquito

What Are Mosquito Larvae?

The mosquito life cycle consists of four stages. After hatching from eggs, the pests emerge as larvae. They undergo several changes before becoming pupae and then, finally, adults. Worm-like mosquito larvae live just beneath the surface of water, breathing oxygen through a tube and feeding on plankton, algae, and small fungi.

It may take from one week to two months for mosquito larvae to mature, depending on temperature and other conditions. Mosquito larvae control at this early stage can stop the pests from becoming an issue later. However, spotting them is hard for those who don’t know where to look.

Where to Find Mosquito Larvae

When mosquitoes breed, they search for pools of stagnant water. The lawns of homes and commercial buildings offer plenty of ideal sites for eggs. Mosquito larvae thrive in places like:

  • Drainage ditches and clogged gutters
  • Trashcans and dumpsters filled with rainwater
  • Discarded tires and other items where water can collect
  • Moist soil or leaf litter on the ground

Managing Mosquitoes

Mosquito larvae control involves more than standard pesticides. Property owners should look for and remove any potential breeding sites. The experts at Waltham Pest Services can inspect a home or business for problem areas to better regulate mosquito populations.

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