Mosquito Life Cycle

Although the mosquito life span is short, these pests are a serious issue in the New England states. Their bites not only cause itchy welts, but they can also spread illness. Awareness of the mosquito life cycle can help with prevention and control.

Stages in the Life of a Mosquito

Mosquitoes lay their eggs individually or in clusters called rafts. Since eggs need moisture to hatch, adult pests often deposit them in water or damp soil that rain will fill. The time when hatching occurs is dependent on weather conditions and can take anywhere from a few days to several months.

Mosquito larvae typically hatch from eggs within 24 to 72 hours of exposure to water. These juveniles have a worm-like appearance and use a tube to breathe air while wiggling through water. They eat microorganisms and molt several times over the larvae lifespan before moving into the next stage of the mosquito life cycle.

Like eggs and larvae, pupae need water for development. The comma-shaped pupa lives at the water’s surface. This stage is short, and adult mosquitoes emerge after only a few days in the right environment.

Mosquitoes create the most problems on commercial and residential properties as adults. Females need the protein in blood to develop eggs, which is why they feed on humans. Male adults drink plant nectar and are simply nuisances.

The Problem with Mosquitoes

The average mosquito life expectancy is less than two months. During that time, females can lay eggs several times, sometimes producing hundreds of eggs in each batch. As a result, a small annoyance can quickly grow into a severe infestation.

Controlling the Mosquito Life Cycle

Home and business owners can use knowledge about the life of a mosquito to fight against an infestation.

Limit Breeding Grounds
Mosquitoes can’t multiply without standing water. Be sure to keep gutters in good repair and check for collected rain water in:

  • Flower pots
  • Garbage can
  • Other containers

Treat for Mosquitoes Promptly
After these insects emerge as adults, they rapidly disperse and begin to breed. Professional abatement can deal with pests in many stages of the mosquito life cycle to reduce adults as well as target eggs and larvae. Contact the technicians at Waltham Pest Services for expert control.

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