Mosquito Bites vs. Flea Bites

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What’s the Difference between Mosquito Bites and Flea Bites?

While both mosquitoes and fleas are insects that feed on blood, they often rely on different hosts for meals. This fact can aid in identifying mosquito bites vs. flea bites.

Mosquito Bites
They usually feed on humans and animals equally, though some species prefer people. These pests bite any area of skin with easy access, leaving behind a red bump. The reaction to mosquito bites varies from person to person, but the itchy bump typically fades in a few days to a few weeks.

Flea Bites

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On the other hand, fleas are more likely to go after pets because of the presence of hair they can attach to. The most common species in New England, the cat flea, bites both cats and dogs. Blood is blood, and these pests will bite humans if their preferred host is unavailable. Bites tend to appear around ankles and calves, but a flea can bite anywhere.

Mosquito Bite vs. Flea Bite Problems

More than the skin irritation and discomfort, mosquito and flea bites are an issue because of disease transmission. The latter pest can spread plague or typhus, while the former may host the West Nile virus and other illnesses. Additionally, scratching either a mosquito or flea bite can lead to infection.


It’s hard to identify mosquito bites vs. flea bites simply by looking at them. Home or business owners who notice an outbreak of any kind should contact professionals for the best results.

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