Mosquito Season

Image of a Mosquito

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Mosquito season is tough to pin down. Each species has their own periods of activity. However, the pests typically cause problems during summer. There are some mosquitoes active during spring, but they don’t bother home and business owners as often.

Mosquito Breeding Time

With plenty of heat, humidity, and rain, summers in New England are ideal for mosquito breeding. Warmth promotes rapid growth, and most species of these pests will only lay their eggs in water or moist soil.

In the right habitat, mosquitoes can reproduce many times in a single season. This is why infestations so quickly grow out of control.

Getting Ready for Mosquito Season

Before mosquito season begins, home and business owners can take the following steps to deter breeding:

  • Remove standing water around the property
  • Empty any containers in the yard
  • Fix broken drainage pipes
  • Unclog gutters


People are the pests’ main source of food, so they tend to gather near humans. This means neighborhoods and places of business. Since local mosquito species can bite and spread diseases, it’s vital to get the pests under control.

To keep mosquito season from affecting households or commercial properties, contact Waltham Pest Services. Our technicians have the tools and training to manage infestations.

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