Mice in the Garage

Picture of Two House Mice

Why Are There Mice in the Garage?

It’s easy for a mouse to gain access to homes, but getting into garages takes even less effort. In addition to using open garage doors, mice squeeze under gaps between the door and driveway or through small cracks in walls or foundations.

Mice in garages enjoy all the hiding places and nesting material the spaces provide, from dust and leaves to rags and insulation. They are also warm and dry while still providing ready access to food and water outdoors.

Problems and Damage

Items stored in garages on the floor or on shelves along the walls offer easy cover for a mouse to tuck itself out of sight. Mice in the garage also chew holes in the walls and nest in the insulation. If their gnawing extends to wires, electrical shorts can spark fires.

Ultimately, the most worrying aspect of an infestation is its ability to spread. Once mice find their way in, it’s only a matter of time before there are mice spread to other areas of the home.

How to Keep Mice Out of Garages

Keeping the garage well-organized can make it less attractive to mice. In general, the more cluttered the space, the more likely a mouse will make itself at home.

Finding a different place to store birdseed and pet food can help, as well. If these food sources are available, mice in garages will have little reason to leave. To be sure homes remain mouse-free, contact the professional pest removal team at Waltham Pest Services.

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