Ticks in Rhode Island

Ticks Commonly Found in RI

Rhode Island is home to numerous ticks including:

  • Black Legged or Deer Tick
  • American Dog
  • Lone Star Species

Commonly confused with insects, ticks are in fact arachnids, having eight legs instead of six when fully matured.

The pests are active in late summer and early fall, feeding on the blood of people and animals. Each type of tick in Rhode Island carries numerous diseases and is a danger to both residents and pets.

Problems Caused by Ticks

Black legged (Deer) ticks are known carriers of Lyme Disease in addition to other harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Unlike black legged ticks, which are found in forested areas around Rhode Island, American dog ticks typically populate fields, trails, and tall grasses. These pests are known to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Finally, though new to the area, the Lone Star Tick is becoming a problem for Rhode Island residents. Found in both woodlands and dense undergrowth, this pest can also pass on Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

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