Baby Termites

Image of Termites

Baby Termite Development

A single queen can produce anywhere from 500 to thousands of termite eggs per year. Once a baby termite hatches, it will undergo several molts as it grows into an adult. Termite larvae start out looking the same but develop differently depending on their role in the colony.

What Do Baby Termites Eat?

Adults regurgitate liquid food for termite larvae. To digest wood, these insects rely on microbes that live inside their bodies. As baby termites grow, they shed their exoskeletons. Each molt casts off the parts that contain these necessary microbes. As a result, young termites depend on adults for meals until they mature.

Can Termite Larvae Serve as a Sign of Infestation?

Since they require moisture from damp wood or soil, termites rarely emerge into the open air. Furthermore, a termite larva or egg needs frequent care, so both remain fiercely protected inside the nest. Typically, homeowners only see the pests long after baby termites grow into adults.

If people see termites, it is usually in the form of a breeding swarm. When a colony is about five years old, flying reproductive termites leave to mate and expand the nest into new areas.

Termite Removal

Getting rid of termite eggs, larvae, and adults is complex. Termite colonies can be deep underground and hard to reach, making it difficult for home and business owners to completely remove them. In the case of an infestation, the termite experts at Waltham Pest Services can identify and get rid of these pests.

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