Do Termites Bite Humans?

Image of Termites

Do Termites Bite in Self-Defense?

While the average termite doesn’t seem menacing, soldiers develop certain traits to protect the colony. Soldier termites have large heads and strong jaws used to ward off attackers. Though they look intimidating, these insects rarely take on human threats.

To keep rival carpenter ants or other insects from taking over their territory, soldier termites do bite invaders that threaten the colony. They also bang their heads against their tunnels to frighten foes and alert the nest to an attack.

Do Termites Bite Humans or Pets?

Soldier termites can bite humans. However, their jaws are too weak to cause much harm. At most, a bite might leave a tiny red bump on the skin. Unless handled or provoked, termites don’t bite people or animals.

Damage and Control

Termite bites are not the biggest concern when it comes to these pests. Over time, termites can leave buildings riddled with damage to wood support beams, making infested houses or businesses dangerous and prone to collapse. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Signs of Infestation

To avoid serious issues with termites, property owners should always be on the lookout for signs of termite activity. Indicators include:

  • Seeing winged swarmers around lights or windows
  • Noticing discarded wings on floors, baseboards, or sills
  • Finding wood beams that appear rotten or hollow
  • Discovering mud tubes on foundations or in basements

Anyone observing these signs should contact Waltham Pest Services. Technicians can provide customized termite control for homes and businesses as well as identify the true source of any problems with biting insects.

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