Termites in Furniture

Image of Termites

Although subterranean termites are more common in New England, residents sometimes find drywood termites in their furniture. These pests prefer tropical or coastal climates and usually live in the southern or western U.S.

How Do Termites Get in Furniture?

Drywood termites in furniture typically infest the item before delivery. The pests may also nest in lumber shipped across the country. They often go unnoticed, as termite damage occurs inside wood over long periods of time.

Evidence of Termites in Furniture

Timber provides drywood termites with both food and shelter. The pests feed on wood and dig out nesting spaces inside it, as well. Offices, warehouses, and homes that receive imported goods or shipped items may have issues with termites in furniture. Signs include:

  • Kick-out holes – These tiny openings are about the size of a pencil tip. Piles of sawdust-like frass beneath these holes can suggest a drywood termite problem.
  • Reproductive swarms – During the spring or fall, winged swarmers leave their nests in large numbers to find mates and start new colonies.

Other Wood-Boring Pests

It’s also possible that what property owners take to be termites in furniture are really another pest. New England is home to many insects that tunnel in wood. These include carpenter ants, old house borers, powderpost beetles, and more.

Termite Control

Signs of termites in furniture are tough to spot and interpret. As a result, infestations go unseen or misidentified for a long time. To protect home and business owners from harm to property and costly repairs, Waltham Pest Services offers expert inspection and removal.

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