Termites in Winter

Do Termites Die in Winter?

While most insects cannot survive cold seasons, subterranean termites do not die in winter. These pests remain underground, secluded in their tunnels.

Winter Termite Activity

In the New England states, warm nights in the later months of winter allow termites to leave their underground dwellings and venture into homes. As a result, a termite nest underneath or near a house may continue to create damage during winter, though typically at a much slower rate than in the summer.

Problems with Termites in Winter

Since termites in winter can endure the season, they typically seek heat any way they can. This leads the pests to expand their nests deeper into warmer soil. As with most pests, they also tend to find comfort in the heat of homes.

Termites in winter create small amounts of damage that add up over time. Since the pests hide inside wood or soil, infestations often go unnoticed at first. As months or years go by, termites can weaken structures.

Controlling Termites in Any Season

Active termites in winter may infest the homes of unsuspecting residents as they would in any other season. Waltham Pest Services provides trained experts who can assist with termite removal year-round.

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