We believe in the power of our people! Our employees focus every day on protecting the communities where we live and work, so providing first-class service focused on public health and safety to protect homes, businesses, and brands is our top priority. We believe it takes all of us moving in the same direction to succeed and to create a special place for everyone.


What we value first and foremost is our people. Our people are knowledgeable because we make sure to keep them trained and always on top of the current treatment trends and innovations. They are committed because we hire top talent and keep them happy and engaged. They’re empowered because when you own your job and your position in this industry, you care more. Our people are always goal-focused because their eye is always on the prize, and they are passionate about what they do. You can’t argue with passionate enthusiasm. As our top priority, every decision we make is done with our people in mind. Our people include our customers. The relationships we forge with them are long term and tried and true.

As we focus on our employees and customers, we also have our eye on safety. We don’t just talk about safety at Waltham Pest Services – we act on it and expect our employees to do the same. In addition to safety, quality service is what we are known for. From day one doing quality work in all areas has been part of our mantra, and we strive every day to focus on continuously improving our service levels to impress our customers. But we all know life is short, and work can be hard! While we are serious about our what we do here at Waltham Pest Services, it helps to have a little fun along the way. This is the way at the original pest control company in New England – Waltham Pest Services.
For 130 years, Waltham Pest Services has been providing residential and commercial pest control services to our friends, neighbors, and business owners in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, and Vermont. When Frank “Bugs” Martin founded Waltham Chemical Company, he had no idea that 130 years later, it would still be going strong and would be considered the original pest control company in New England! Read more about the history of Waltham Pest Services here.


Our company is only as good as its employees. From the bottom to the top, our employees live the
Waltham values. Our leadership team does what they say they will do – and it’s measured by
a high ethical bar. The people at the very top make sure to lead by example and we’re proud to feature them here.

Christian Weppert

Region Manager



Dennis Cone

Division Vice President,
Rollins Brands



From charity events to donating our time and services, Waltham Pest Services is invested in not only helping to keep our communities safe and healthy, but to being involved with their growth and development. We’re connected to the communities where we live and work, and giving back and helping where we can is a way of life. Our involvement ranges from creating signs to cheer on a fellow employee’s charity run to food and toy drives to help families in our community have what they need for a Thanksgiving meal or put some presents under the tree. Our parent company even has a fund specifically for helping our fellow employees. We walk the walk at Waltham Pest Services.