Green Mosquito Control

Controlling mosquitoes just got a lot greener.

Why GreenSuite™ Mosquito Control

Our GreenSuite™ mosquito control strategies can keep dangerous mosquitoes at bay all summer long. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and effective, green mosquito services from Waltham make sure to deal with the mosquitoes that are there and can even handle future fly-ins. Now you can love the earth and your backyard.
  • Larvicides that can be used in areas of stagnant water to target mosquitoes where they reproduce
  • Monthly treatments from April to October for maximum efficacy
  • Integrated Pest Management strategies including elimination of standing water
Our green mosquito traps deal with mosquitoes 24/7 between our green treatments. They are eco-friendly and will blend in with your landscaping. The benefits of our mosquito traps include:
  • Reducing mosquitoes at all stages of their life cycle
  • Targeting larva and adults alike
  • Can be used near gardens and water features
  • Works on mosquitoes and not on beneficial insects or pollinators


As the original pest control company in the New England area, we know what it takes to keep our friends and neighbors safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry – including malaria and West Nile. As an exterminator with branches throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont, we not only are always near you but we live and work in the area too. Waltham can take care of any pest that is threatening you or your family. Check out our GreenSuite™ for home for year round pest control.

“Exceptional service. Prompt and professional. Used for both business and home. Very efficient and honest.”

Lisa T.
Agawan, MA