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Don’t let your pantry become its prey.

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How we treat for weevils in your home

No matter which weevil you may have, your pantry can be at risk. Our weevil treatments will make sure to first identify the weevil you have and then formulate a strategy to eliminate the weevils you already have and then help control weevils in your home in the future. From dried beans to wheat to rice, weevils can do some serious damage. While they are not harmful and they don’t sting or bite, finding them in your rice when you go to make dinner or in the sack of beans you are about to use for soup can be an unpleasant discovery. Weevil extermination from Waltham can help that become a distant memory.

Waltham weevil reduction plan


We will inspect the areas of your home to identify which weevil you have and how they are getting in.


Depending on the weevil, we create a customized strategy for your home to help control them.

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Many weevils are covered under our Home Care Plan. It’s a set it and forget it way to handle weevils ongoing, all year long.

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Why Waltham?

We’re passionate about controlling weevils in your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. With our 130 years of experience keeping homes and businesses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont safe from pests, Waltham has the experience you can trust.
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