Exclusion Services

Your best defense against pests? Never inviting them in.

Waltham makes it downright difficult for pests to find a way into your building. Starting with a comprehensive inspection of your property, we put together a smart playbook of defensive measures. From trimming back vegetation near your building to sealing areas around pipes, doors, windows, and foundations, we can bar the way for even the smallest of pests, which can save you big compared to the costs of remediating an existing pest problem. Even still, exclusion costs can feel daunting. The Waltham Payment Plan can help. Get details here.
  • Protection from insects, rodents, and wildlife
  • Patch gaps in concrete, walls, and foundation
  • Seal pipe chases and wall voids
  • Humane, professional service
  • Long-term savings vs. pest remediation
Pests, rodents, bats, and birds can contort themselves into just about any crack. Even the newest home or business can have gaps, cracks, and unprotected entry points that you can’t see — but pests and your Waltham Pest Services technician can spot them from a mile away.


Some professional home inspectors include WDIRs along with their services. However, without specialized wood destroying insect knowledge, subtle signs of infestation and damage can go unnoticed. Waltham Pest Services offers licensed, professional real estate pest control inspections, in addition to related pest control treatments, to give you peace of mind before buying or selling a home.
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