Bed Bug Dog Detection Services

Bed bugs are for the dogs – literally.

Bed Bugs Can’t Hide from This Nose

Bed bugs can find the tiniest of crevices to hide in, making them difficult to detect with the naked eye. Fortunately, their aggregate pheromone odors can’t hide from expert noses like the one on our bed bug sniffing dog. That’s because he is trained daily using live bed bug scent and is even trained and evaluated with more frequency than the national scent detection standards! This good boy and his handler are both highly trained using scientific research principles to give them the highest level of validation at 95-98 percent effectiveness at detecting even just one bed bug during the inspection. The Waltham Canine Bed Bug Detection Service can be a proactive solution or at the very least, the way to stay in front of an infestation. The training never ends for this pup, either. Continuous training throughout the year ensures that we can help you save money and uphold your reputation as being bed bug-free. Need more reasons why you need Waltham Canine Bed Bug Detection Services? Here are five.
The nose on our bed bug sniffing dog can detect an introduction much quicker and earlier than the human eye. From the chart, you can see just how fast a mere introduction can turn into an extreme infestation. You can also see the small number of bed bugs that are needed for our dog’s nose to sniff them out. Dealing with bed bugs upstream like this can save money and time. Routine service from our bed bug sniffing dog and his handler can spot introductions early enough to save them from becoming an infestation so you can have treatments done quickly and get in front of negative reviews.

Meet the Team


Luke has been “working” at sniffing out bed bugs since 2016. He enjoys curling up under a blanket and taking a nap after a long day of sniffing out bed bugs. We can relate.


Titan is the newest member of our team. He is trained and certified to sniff out both bed bugs and rodents. His favorite toy is a Kong Jumbler Ball because it’s the only thing that can stand up to his exuberant playing.


Monique has been detecting bed bugs with Luke for the past five years. She has trained dogs to compete in conformation, obedience, protection sport, and weight pull competitions just to name a few. She is even a Conformation Judge with the United Kennel Club.

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