Restaurant Pest Control

We’ll help keep the pests out and the patrons in.

Why Waltham® for restaurant pest control

When searching for pest control services, you need more than a company – you need a partner. That’s what you get with Waltham Pest Services. Because we take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we choose from a long list of techniques and strategies to create a customized plan based on your restaurant, your pest pressures, and your needs. We will even work with you and your staff to educate them on what they can do to help keep your restaurant pest free. Because your reputation is just as important to us as ours.

You also need a partner that can give you more. Our highly trained and certified technicians are supported by Board Certified Entomologists and personnel dedicated to making sure you always look good, your staff and patrons are safe, and pest complaints are kept to a minimum. Your life will be made easier with our online customer portal that makes pest management simple – whether you manage 1 restaurant or 100. Find trends, monitor the treatments we have applied, pay invoices, review reports, and create solutions at your convenience. That’s the “more” you’ll get with the harder working Waltham.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • 24-Hour Guaranteed Response

  • Board Certified Entomologists

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  • Environmentally responsible solutions
  • Discreet treatments on your time
  • In-house training for staff
  • Bioremediation services for floor drains
  • Online logbooks and reports
In our digital world of online reviews, one pest sighting can destroy a restaurant’s reputation. You need a pest management provider you can trust to provide discreet service that doesn’t disrupt your patrons’ dining experience and even provide scenting services to neutralize the odors in garbage or dumpster areas. Our experienced technicians and Board Certified Entomologists understand the unique challenges your industry faces — from how to get rid of bar flies to food safety regulations to keeping your facility disinfected with our new treatment, UltiClean™.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how do restaurants keep flies away (including fruit and drain flies) the answer is floor drain bioremediation services – and we can provide it. And we won’t forget about your outdoor areas. Whether it’s 5 picnic tables or a full rooftop bar, mosquitoes, hornets, and ticks can ruin the experience. Whether you are proud of your burger or your Michelin Star, trust the harder working Waltham.
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Restaurants and cafés are an attractive haven for pests with ample food and water supply to lure them inside. Flies, roaches, rats, mice, and ants are frequent unwelcome patrons to foodservice establishments. But with a strong pest management partnership in place, you can develop a plan tailored to your business that helps keep pests out and diners in.
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“Our large corporate facility features cafeterias, restaurant equipment and in short, lots of food and open doors. Waltham Pest Services has done a terrific job preventing pests. Our technician is prompt, professional and courteous.”

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