Commercial Bed Bug Solutions

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Bed bugs are small and difficult to see. Because of that, they can also be difficult to remove. Plus, with all the guests going in and out of your establishment, they can come and go on with them whether it be on their person or on their luggage. Waltham® knows you need a quick – and discreet – solution to your bed bug problem to save you money and save your reputation. And our Waltham Payment Plan can even help you pay for bed bug treatments. Get details here.

Proactive Detection

Our expert team of technicians will thoroughly inspect your commercial property to assess the bed bug risk level. They are trained to see more than the normal human eye so they can detect even a small amount of pests – getting to the problem as early as possible.

Proven Techniques

Our technicians are more than just pest experts. They will partner with you to come up with the best possible treatment method for your business to eliminate bed bugs as quickly as possible. Less room down time is their mission.

Canine Detection Services

Our canine dog and his handler can detect just one bed bug with impressive accuracy. It’s faster, more accurate detection and that can lead to lower treatment costs by detecting bed bugs early on before a major infestation occurs.

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Treatment timeline

Before we begin, we’ll provide a series of bed bug treatment preparation steps, such as removing bedding. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to help us determine the best treatment for your unique needs. From there, bed bug elimination tactics are employed.

About 3 to 5 business days later, we’ll follow up to determine whether there is continued bed bug activity. If no bed bug activity is found, your service is completed. If bed bug activity is found, we’ll schedule a re-inspection and re-treatment appointment.


Having bed bug treatments done? Here’s a handy video to guide your residents through the 7 steps of preparing for one.

Why Waltham®?

Waltham is passionate about bed bug control and helping our customers live happier, healthier lives. Our experts act swiftly to understand your problems and implement the most effective treatments. We’ve served our neighbors and local businesses with excellence since 1893, and that’s experience you can trust.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our bed bug prevention services, you won’t pay until the job is done right.

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