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How we treat for mice in your home

If you live in a more rural area in New England, you may be used to seeing a mice infestation, but we have seen sane people in the city jump up on a chair seeing these pests. We get it, though. Mice problems include carrying diseases and doing some serious damage to the pantry. These rodents can also multiply very quickly. That’s why our expert mouse extermination services use strategies that are based on their biology so it’s less about treatments and more about keeping them out in the first place.

Waltham mouse reduction plan


We will find not only the mice problem but where they are getting in so we can focus our treatment methods.


Our mouse control uses the entry point as a starting method but we look up, down, and out to place baits and traps where they will do the most good.

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If your mouse infestation problem persists, we will double our efforts – and you can always opt for a GreenSuite™ for Home for ongoing mouse control.

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Save $50* for a limited time on your first service when you sign up for a GreenSuite™ for Home.

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Why Waltham?

We’re passionate about controlling mice in your home because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. With our 130 years of experience keeping homes and businesses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont safe from pests, Waltham has the experience you can trust.
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