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About Ticks

There are three types of ticks most common in the New England area — the brown dog tick, deer tick and wood tick. These pests are small, usually smaller than a sunflower seed, and vary in color. While they start life with six legs, they grow two additional legs in adulthood.

Ticks can become a serious problem for your family and pets’ health, and their wide-spread presence in the Northeast make them common in yards and parks. These outdoor pests embed themselves on a person or animal to feed for up to a few days, and they can transfer diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the meantime. You must remove ticks very carefully if you find them on yourself, a loved one or your pet.

  • Talk to an Expert Spread disease to humans and pets
  • Commonly found in yards
  • Difficult to remove
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Detecting Ticks

Ticks are not commonly seen until they attach themselves to your pet or family member. Therefore, it’s important to inspect yourself and others after being outside, especially in wooded areas.

Preventing Ticks

To help prevent tick bites, keep your landscaping well-maintained, use insect repellant and wear long-sleeved clothing when outdoors. You can also contact Waltham for our Tick Control Program, which greatly reduces tick populations around your home.
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