Cockroach Treatment

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About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are never a welcome sight. With dark-brown or reddish-brown bodies, these insects can reach 1.5 inches in length depending on the species. They’re also resourceful hiders, stowing away in dark places and crawling out unexpectedly. With long, flat bodies, they’re skilled at accessing food containers and sliding through small cracks.

Cockroaches carry harmful bacteria and tend to stay in filthy places. They can quickly contaminate food and surfaces, and their fecal matter can aggravate allergies and asthma. Plus, if an infestation is serious enough, it can produce a repugnant odor that fills your entire home or building.

  • Carry harmful bacteria
  • Trigger allergies or asthma
  • Foul odor
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Detecting Cockroaches

Seeing a cockroach is the first sign of a problem. They typically stay in dark, warm spaces and may be found in basements, bathtubs, sinks and crawlspaces. More subtle signs include pepper-like fecal matter, skin casts and empty egg capsules scattered along floors or cabinets.

Preventing Cockroaches

Preventing these pests starts with sealing entry points and eliminating attractants. Be sure to store food in sealed containers, take out the trash on a regular basis and keep your space clean by vacuuming frequently. Spills should be cleaned up quickly after they occur, and make sure your basement is not overly humid. In addition, caulk cracks around doors and windows, install weather stripping on doors and repair tears in screens.
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“Shawn Brown is very knowledgeable, to say the least. We have not seen a cockroach since he took over the account. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with each tech.”

Sharon S.
Pembroke, MA