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Termite Information: Signs, Pictures, Damage & Identification
Did you know some types of mulch might attract termites? Ever wondered which insects can cause structural damage to buildings and how to tell them apart? Written and researched by pest experts, the Waltham Pest Services blog provides termite information to help you find answers to these questions and more. Properly identify these pests and therefore take the correct steps to protect your New England home or business.
Check out our posts to learn essential termite facts and helpful tips, from how they get inside to what you can do to prevent them from becoming an issue. Whether you think you see damaged wood in your basement or notice winged insects inside your home, our termite guides can help you pinpoint key signs of infestation.
We also provide images of termites to help you identify them quickly and easily. These tiny pests can cause expensive damage if left unchecked, so early detection and removal are important. To take care of a termite infestation as soon as possible, contact Waltham Pest Services for a free inspection and a custom and proactive treatment plan.

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