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Do Your Clients Need a WDIR and Just What is it?

The short answer is yes, they need them, but to figure out what they are, we should start with what they are not. They aren’t a home inspection. That inspection covers the condition of the central air conditioning system (as long as the weather allows), interior plumbing, the attic, roof, and any insulation they can see, the heating and electric systems, ceilings, windows, doors, walls, the basement, the foundation, and all structural components. That sounds like everything, but it’s missing one very important thing: pests. Enter the Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) – sometimes referred to as a Termite Inspection.

While a good home inspector will be able to point out safety threats, hazards, and major defects that pests could have caused, they are not trained to see all of the signs. Moisture and wood rot is easy to spot, but as soon as a home inspector sees it, he/she should recommend that you bring in a specialist.Waltham technician inspecting termite damage

Only a licensed, certified, and trained pest inspector can be that specialist. The licensing and certification show the buyer and the seller both that you can trust the inspection was done correctly. The training means they have the trained eye they need to see any signs of pests – no matter how small.

Some mortgage companies will not issue a mortgage without seeing a WDIR, but not all sales require it. The rules around WDIRs can change even down to the county level but even at the state level. A savvy buyer may request one, but a savvy seller should have it before they even put the house on the market. That gives you more confidence when listing the home and you will be proactively ready if a buyer asks about it. If you do have one, make sure to have it out when you’re showing the home as well as at open houses.

While a WDIR will ease minds, the most important reason to have one done is to find termites before they can do a lot of costly damage. Those pests may be tiny, and you may not be able to see them, but the damage they can do will be extremely visible and extremely expensive. In the U.S. alone, termites cause over five billion dollars worth of damage every year. Even though some may call a WDIR a Termite Inspection, it’s more than termites that can do damage. Powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, and old house borers can also take a bite out of the home and the owner’s wallet. A buyer requesting a WDIR doesn’t sound silly now, right? The report itself will cost way less than the cost wood-destroying insects could do to the home.

So that’s all great for the buyer and the seller but what about you – the Real Estate Agent? A sale can’t be held up because you haven’t gotten the WDIR yet. That sale will also hold up your commission, so what you really need is a report when YOU need it. Not just quickly, though – you need it done correctly and quickly. A Wood Destroying Inspect Report is actually a legal document, so ensuring you have a professional creating it is incredibly important. That doesn’t mean you want to wait too long for one. You need a pest inspector that is not only professional and accurate but one that will respect your time.

Waltham residential pest technicianWaltham Pest Services can give you more than both. Our certified inspectors are not only trained year-round but our Board Certified, on-staff Entomologists are right behind them to make sure identification, as well as treatment solutions, are exact. We’ve also been at this for 130 years – that many years of experience affords us a certain amount of expertise that speaks for itself.

This industry is one of the most regulated. You don’t last for well over a century by doing it wrong! We can be the partner you need to not only make you look good every time but to get the report done quickly and accurately. You focus on selling. We will focus on the pests. Let us be a part of your buying and selling processes. Contact Waltham Pest Services today.

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