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When you're buying or selling a New England home, inspections are crucial. Structurally sound, secure properties are worthy investments, but discovering serious pest issues after closing can transform a dream home into a nightmare. Home inspections inform buyers about needed repairs or replacements, but they don't cover wood-destroying insect infestations or damage.
What Is a WDIR?

Unlike a home inspection, a WDIR focuses on the presence of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles as well as any damage they've caused. To complete these reports, a certified inspector examines all accessible areas of the building to find evidence of wood-destroying insects.

For some lenders, a WDIR is a requirement in the residential buying or selling process. Professional home inspectors concerned about insect damage may also request a report, and homebuyers who want more peace of mind can ask for one, too.
example of a WDIR real estate pest inspection report
When conducting a real estate pest inspection, certified Waltham technicians examine the interior and exterior parts of a home for evidence of wood-destroying pests. The completed WDIR includes written descriptions and photographs that focus on the following categories:
  • Damage: Includes visual evidence of carpenter ant frass, pest entry holes, and other signs of damage. Technicians may probe wood supports to test for termite galleries, but they do not cut into drywall or inspect other concealed areas to look for additional problems.
  • Insects: Describes all sightings of live WDIs, carcasses, cast-off skins, discarded wings, droppings, termite mud tubes, and other evidence.
  • Past Treatment: Lists any bait traps, drilled holes, and additional indications of previous pest control treatments discovered on the property.
  • Vulnerable Areas: Records moisture, areas with improper drainage, and points of contact between the soil and wood or foam insulation.
  • Blocked Areas: Discloses any parts of the building the inspector deems inaccessible. May include crawl spaces too narrow to navigate, areas that are too high to reach, or physically obstructed parts of a house.
  • Recommendations: Offers advice on treatment to combat current WDI issues or prevent future problems.
Does a WDIR Include All Pests?
When assessing a home for a WDIR, Waltham Pest Services technicians only look for wood-destroying insects and the damage they leave behind. The report does not include information about other pests like rodents, cockroaches, and other ant species. While real estate pest inspections are extensive, a WDIR cannot make claims about issues in concealed or inaccessible areas of the home.

Does a WDIR Guarantee a Pest-Free Home?
No, a WDIR is neither a guarantee nor a warranty. The document serves to inform real estate agents and prospective homebuyers about wood-destroying insect infestations and related damage present at the time of inspection. Reports are valid for 90 days.

Contact Trusted Professionals

While some home inspectors may offer a WDIR, it's always best to contact a pest control expert to complete this report. Without the training needed to catch all the signs of infestation or damage, serious problems may go undetected. Whether you need a WDIR for an FHA loan or simply to ease your mind about termites, contact the real estate pest inspection experts at Waltham Pest Services.
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