Bioremediation is the science of using living organisms (microbes) to convert waste material into natural matter and was first put to use in the late 1980’s as a means of cleaning up ocean oil spills. Similarly, our bioremediation program uses microbial products to reduce fats, oils, grease, and foul odors from drains and grease traps.

The technology provides a completely natural means of drain line cleaning in the food industry. The microbes digest and convert organic matter into carbon dioxide and water, helping to keep drains flowing and free of odor and reduces or eliminates fly medium.

Of special note for customers in New England:

In 1995, Massachusetts passed more stringent regulations concerning septic and sewer systems in order to protect ground water. If food-handling establishments of any size are sold, renovated, or cited for dispersing effluents or solids, they must install a 1,000-gallon capacity grease trap prior to either the septic tank or sewer connection.

To control the fats, oil, and greases in your drains, call and ask about our bioremediation program.

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