Tackling drain and fruit flies at their source


Over time grease and grime in drains, around grease traps, on grout, and under heavy equipment can lead to foul odors. Not only do the odors attract German cockroaches and three types of flies (phorid, fruit, and drain), but the grime is the perfect breeding ground for them. So, staying in front of that grease and grime is what bioremediation is all about. But the bioremediation strategy that should be used at your business is not the same as the one down the street.

Bioremediation is an eco-friendly biological treatment system designed for the food service industry. It’s many strategies that will naturally digest the organic waste, fats, and grease that eventually builds up on grout, in drain lines, and around the seals of grease traps. Even though it was initially designed for restaurants, any building that has a commercial kitchen can benefit from bioremediation.


When you bring in Waltham Pest Services for bioremediation, you get a customized program that will be the most successful at your business. The buildup of grease and bacteria in drains, on floors, around grease traps, and under heavy equipment is one of the leading causes of unsanitary conditions and work-related accidents. The cleaning methods and detergents used in the past are shown to make things worse. Our non-toxic, non-corrosive cleaning methods including our WAL30 will reduce the grease and bacteria – and the German cockroaches, fruit flies, drain flies, and foul odors that can come with it. Our highly trained technicians work with Board Certified, on-staff Entomologists to make sure your drains – and your reputation – stay safe.

Waltham Bioremediation Cleaning Methods

  1. Floor Drains: We use WAL30, a powerful foam, to clean your floor drain to degrade the organic compounds that attract drain flies, fruit flies, and even German cockroaches.
  2. Trash Chutes: Trash chutes naturally grab organic matter, and our cleanser not only takes care of it, but it helps deter more from gathering.
  3. Trash Rooms: Much like the chutes, trash rooms are difficult to keep bacteria and the organic matter that attracts cockroaches and flies from building up – our cleaning strategy will help.
  4. Miscellaneous: In addition, we will use our cleanser under rubber mats, on kitchen equipment, in sinks, in the janitor closets, and more!

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