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How we treat for beetles

We know the kind of damage beetles can do. Our proven beetle extermination strategies will help keep your home safe from them. From stored food pests to the carpet beetles that seem to be in everyone’s homes, these pests can do some damage if you have a full beetle infestation. Identification is difficult since different beetle species can look very similar, and they can appear tiny to the naked eye. That’s why a trained eye is necessary for full identification. Our experts will identify the kind of beetle you have and from there will know the exact strategies to use to take care of beetles in your house.

Waltham beetle reduction plan


We will inspect the interior and the exterior of your home to identify where they are coming in as well as the species you have.


Depending on the beetle, we create a customized strategy for both the inside and the outside of your home (if necessary) to help control them.

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Many beetles are covered under our GreenSuite™ for Home. It’s a set it and forget it way to handle beetles ongoing, all year long.

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Save $50* for a limited time on your first service when you sign up for a GreenSuite™ for Home.

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Why Waltham?

We’re passionate about beetle control because we live and work here – it’s our neighborhood, too. With our 130 years of experience keeping homes and businesses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island safe from pests, Waltham has the experience you can trust.
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