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When searching for pest control services, you need more than a company – you need a partner. That’s what you get with Waltham Pest Services. Because we take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we choose from a long list of techniques and strategies to create a customized plan based on your hotel, your pest pressures, and your needs. We will even work with you and your employees to educate them on what they can do to help keep your hotel pest free. Because your reputation is just as important to us as ours.

You also need a partner that can give you more. Our highly trained and certified technicians are supported by Board Certified Entomologists and personnel dedicated to making sure you always look good, your employees and guests are safe, and pest complaints are kept to a minimum. Your life will be made easier with our online customer portal that makes pest management simple – whether you manage 1 hotel or 100. Find trends, monitor the treatments we have applied, pay invoices, review reports, and create solutions at your convenience. That’s the “more” you’ll get with the harder working Waltham.
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  • Environmentally responsible solutions
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  • Housekeeping and maintenance staff training
  • Concise logbooks and reports
As a hospitality professional, you know one poor review can cause long-term damage to your business, especially when it involves pest activity. We provide Integrated Pest Management solutions for your business, complete with operational audits and on-site staff training to make sure to catch introductions before they become infestations. Worried about bed bugs? Our team of highly-trained canines detect bed bugs with 98% effectiveness at the time of inspection – the highest level currently validated – and can inspect up to 125 rooms a day. Waltham even has canines that can find rodents and even the active burrows! And nobody wants to see a cockroach in or around their hotel room. Our trained and licensed technicians know just where to look to take care of all these pests and more. And we don’t forget about the outside of your building, either. We can provide mosquito treatments and traps, tick control, and treatments and traps for stinging pests like yellow jackets and hornets.

But we’re more than just pest control. We can provide you with a full sanitizing and disinfecting service. Not only can UltiClean™ help keep your hotel clean and welcoming to guests, but you can have the treatment done as many times as you need or want. We use a non-toxic, EPA rated product that is safe to use everywhere – including where food is stored and prepared. Should your hotel have a restaurant or at least an industrial kitchen for room service orders, we can help with floor drain services to take care of the German cockroaches and many kinds of flies that can live and breed there. We can even help you use scent marketing to your advantage with our scenting services!
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Hotels experience heavy foot traffic, making them highly susceptible to pest introductions. And without a proper program in place, these introductions can become infestations that impact guest experience. Bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, flies and mosquitoes are frequent unwelcome guests at hospitality properties.
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“A big shout-out to Brad from the Weymouth branch. He is on top of his game and is very well organized. As a business with 30 properties to care for, his ability to get things resolved quickly is invaluable.”

Bill F.
Pembroke, MA