Canine Rat Detection & Abatement

The burrows can’t hide from this nose.

Waltham Rat Detection & Abatement Program

The future of rodent control is here. Our rodent detecting dog has earned the Certificate Class Advanced Award from the American Working Terrier Association. Only 9 other terriers in the United States have that certificate! He is also certified by the highly-respected Joe Nick Canine Training for gameness and rodent elimination. Our dog will not only be able to determine where rats are living, but also where they’re eating and traveling. They sniff out active burrows so that our treatments and our technicians are ultra-focused on them. Knowing exactly where the burrows are, helps us create a customized plan to your building. Our dogs are integral into creating that plan because rats can’t hide from these noses.

Canine rat detection is especially good for large facilities, buildings that have a lot of rooms, places where there’s clutter or lots of dumpsters, or where there have been rodents that have been difficult to catch. Don’t know where they’re coming from? Our dogs can sniff that out! Have a few burrows? It’s not a question with our dogs – they will find them all. And once they do, we will create a professional plan to get rid of them for you. That could even mean we could possibly use less rodenticides at your building. It’s just one more way we’re going beyond traditional rodent control services.

Waltham Rat Detection & Abatement

Step One


We will inspect your building to create a customized plan that may include our rat detection and abatement program.

Step Two


If we think our dogs can help, a handler will bring in a dog to perform a thorough search to detect and deal with the rats and their burrows.

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Step Three


Having our dogs come in will not only point out active burrows, but consistent searches will scare away survivors.

Why Catch Rats with Dogs

Most rat burrows have three entrances – a main entrance and two “bolt holes” for quick escapes. Rat detection dogs are often fast enough to catch them as they’re coming out of one of the bolt holes and remove them right then. They are far quicker and more accurate than even the most experienced human. They are also much less disruptive since their nose tells them where to go – instead of wasting time routing around. Keep in mind that rats are purely living off of our trash. So, proper sanitation methods will go a long way in not attracting rats in the first place. But should they be there, our dogs can sniff them out.

Rodents are excellent hiders, and they make sure to come out only when there are less (or no) people around. Seeing them is rare, but seeing evidence of them is not. The best way to catch rats is with dogs and their well-trained nose. The best trained nose for sniffing out rodents is on a Patterdale Terrier. This particular breed is known for being bold and confident as well as being a working terrier.

Meet the Team


Titan is the newest member of our team. He is qualified for Certificate Class Advanced Award at American Working Terrier Association and is certified by Joe Nick Canine Training for gameness and rodent elimination. He loves working – but he also loves bananas. His favorite toy is a Kong Jumbler Ball because it’s the only thing that can stand up to his exuberant playing.


Monique originally started detecting bed bugs with our pup Luke over five years ago. She recently started working with Titan to sniff out rodents. She has trained dogs to compete in conformation, obedience, protection sport, and weight pull competitions just to name a few. She is even a Conformation Judge with the United Kennel Club.


Catching rats with dogs is our newest addition to our many services that go beyond traditional pest control strategies. Even as the original pest control company in New England, we are still always innovating. That’s the harder working Waltham since 1893. We are going beyond.

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