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Whether it’s a synagogue, mosque, temple, or church, there’s always a steady stream of people going in and out. The doors will be opened and closed a bunch of times and sometimes may not get closed completely. You may leave your doors open as a sign of welcome, too! Unfortunately, that can also welcome flies, ants, rats, and many other pests in. Unsuspecting parishioners or members can also bring pests like bed bugs in with them. There’s nothing you can do about those two things, but as the original pest control company in the area, we know how to deal with all of the pests in New England. We know that some religious buildings have cafeterias or kitchens and some even have daycare centers. Flies, rats, and cockroaches love all of that. Our on-staff Board Certified Entomologists inspect and identify not only the pests but their entry points. We will treat your religious building with the reverence it deserves by not only treating for the pests that are there but by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to help keep them out. Oftentimes, churches have both commercial and residential pest issues and places in the building that are not used all the time and therefore a nice, quiet place for pests to spend their time. We have more than 125 years of experience with both types of pests, and we can even professionally disinfect to make sure your building is safe from viruses and bacteria and offer you scenting services that can help puff a calming scent into your building to help the feeling of calm you’re already trying to provide.
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While your main concern may be bed bugs and rodents, don’t forget about the outside of your building where you may host picnics and charity events. No matter where your pests are, we can take care of any that may threaten your religious building, your members, and your reputation:
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