We’re excited to be celebrating our 130th anniversary here at Waltham Pest Services! That many years in business is almost unheard of nowadays. But we have persevered – and we’re super proud of it. Our mission has always been to put people first. That means both our employees and our customers. If we hadn’t stuck to that, there’s no way we would have made it to year 130. The hard work and dedication of our employees means our customers are happy and pest free. That’s how a company succeeds and grows. Thank you to our employees. We dedicate the past 130 years to you – and hopefully the next 130.
  • 1893 Waltham Chemical Co. is founded by Frank “Bugs” Martin.
  • 1922 Bartlett Eldredge purchases Waltham Chemical from Martin
  • 1933 Eldredge founds the New England Pest Management Association.
  • 1955 Waltham Chemical develops modern termite control treatment services.
  • 1963 Richard Keenan purchases Waltham Chemical, after working there for 16 years.
  • 1972 Clarke Keenan, Richard’s son, returns from college and the military to work at Waltham.
  • 1991 Clarke Keenan is named company president.
  • 1993 Waltham establishes “Waltham Watchman Service” – a focus on IPM before it was the norm.
  • 1994 Richard Keenan retires, and Clarke is named CEO.
  • 1995 Waltham Chemical is the first company in New England using baits for cockroaches.
  • 1996 Waltham responds to the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 which changes the way the U.S. EPA regulates pesticides.
  • 2000 Waltham Chemical becomes Waltham Services, Inc.
  • 2002 Waltham Services develops its IT capacity, including cutting-edge, field, handheld technology.
  • 2010 Rollins Inc. acquires Waltham Pest Services and its affiliates.
  • 2019 Waltham adds BeThermal® Attic Insulation and a professional disinfectant to their service offerings.
  • 2020 Waltham Pest Services acquires Expert Pest Control to expand their reach in New England.
  • 2021 Waltham adds their first bed bug sniffing dog, Luke, and his handler, Monique.
  • 2022 Waltham goes green by offering a line of green pest control services, GreenSuite™.
  • 2023 Waltham Pest Services is named a Top Workplace.
A termite ad that ran in the Boston Globe in February of 1957 back when the company was Waltham Chemical Co.
Field Technician, Bob Clark, performing “Home Care” services outside a Waltham customer’s home in the late 60s.
Throwback to Waltham Chemical’s first branch in Springfield, Massachusetts which opened in 1968.
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