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Our Board Certified Entomologists will uncover the source of your ant infestation – not just take care of the ant problems that are visible. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices will not only get rid of an ant infestation, but we will also teach you and your employees what steps to take to ensure they don’t return. Sanitation recommendations, preventative procedures, and continuous monitoring in addition to ant treatments will be how Waltham Pest Services technicians will keep your ant control in check.

Problems Caused by Ants

While a few ants may seem harmless, the damage they cause in large numbers can be severe. A carpenter ant infestation can damage wood, while a pavement ant infestation can excavate large amounts of soil under slabs to create carpenter ant nests. Over time, this can cause sinking and settling of soil under the slab and may lead to foundation cracks. Nuisance ants can contaminate food. We all know what a line of ants marching by can do to a business’s reputation. Office buildings, multifamily units, and restaurants are especially susceptible, but really all commercial properties are at risk for these pests. Ant treatments and ant control can help but only when you call in a professional ant exterminator.

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