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Your bar or pub will get the benefits of our on-staff Board Certified Entomologists so we always know we are providing you with top-notch pest management services.

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We will make sure to eliminate the pests that can threaten your bar or pub, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is there to back it up.

  • Bar flies and drain pests are no match for us
  • From rats to mosquitoes, you can trust us to deal with them
  • Bring us in to professionally disinfect as well

Owning or managing a pub or bar in New England is serious business. There are many things that can go wrong but pests should not be one of them. Besides possible failed inspections or fines from the health department, just one review mentioning pests can be a reputation killer. The Board Certified Entomologists we have on staff know what it takes to handle the pests that are most common to bars and pubs – and even the ones you may not know of. Bar flies, of course, are an issue for pubs and bars alike. We will find the source and even train your staff on what to look for to keep bar flies from coming back. We can even deal with the pests that can make a home of your floor drains. And we all know that cockroaches and rats will be wherever the food and garbage is. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep rats and roaches out while dealing with any that are already in. If you have seating outside for the warmer months, we can handle the mosquitoes that can threaten your guests’ good time. But we are more than just pest control. Take advantage of our scenting services to neutralize the smell in your garbage area and have us perform an UltiClean™ disinfectant treatment so you can welcome your guests back with confidence.

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The most common pests in the New England area that can threaten bars and pubs may surprise you. Whether it’s at outside tables, in your bar area itself, or in the kitchen, your staff, your guests, and your reputation are safe with us. Learn more about the pests that can plague bars and pubs in New England:
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