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Why Waltham® for Grower’s Pest Control?

As you’re searching for the right pest control company for the crops you grow, make sure you’re asking, “What else can you do for me?” That’s what sets Waltham Pest Services apart. Your life will be made easier with our online customer portal that makes pest management simple. Find trends, monitor the treatments we have applied, pay invoices, review reports, and create solutions at your convenience. And with our Board Certified Entomologists and Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure we’re treating for the right pest based on expert identification and will stand behind our work until you’re satisfied. Don’t pay until you are. Our dedicated personnel are there to make sure you are satisfied, though. You will have a main point of contact to make sure your business is always running smoothly – from greenhouse to retail store. To put it simply, we take care of all your pest issues so your crops and your reputation always look good. That’s the “more” you’ll get with the original pest control company in New England.
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  • Cutting edge technology from remote monitoring to an online portal
  • We can expand with you no matter which state you want to expand to
  • Your high-security areas are safe in our technician’s hands
Whether you’re growing tomatoes, perennials, or cannabis, you know how pests can take a bite out of them and the organic matter they naturally create. Those growing food – which includes cannabis, whether it’s medical or recreational – are already regulated – and more regulations are surely coming for cannabis in particular. With our experience in industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals, we know what it takes to pivot and will help keep you “always audit ready.” Audits are important, but so is security in your industry. All our technicians are submitted to background checks so you can always feel secure when they’re on your premises.

We also have the technology you want and need as a modern grower. We employ cutting-edge technology that gives us 24/7 insight into your pest pressures and how our solutions will fight them. Our remote monitoring systems allow us to have eyes on even high security areas while only requiring us to enter the sensitive areas in your business when pest activity has been detected so we can minimize the damage they could cause and our online customer portal, DataPro365™, gives you full access to your pest control, right in the palm of your hand. This online portal paired with barcoded equipment gives you an easy way to view reports, invoices, and other information about your pest control services, all in one easy dashboard. We also know you care about your plants, so we use as many Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in addition to repellents as we can to use the least amount of product around your plants as possible. We don’t forget about the areas outside your greenhouses either. We will inspect both your indoor and outdoor areas for the insects and bugs that can not only take a bite out of a perfectly good leaf but can bring disease with them.
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While you expect us to take care of pests, we are so much more than that. We, of course, know what it takes to keep you pest free. Not only can we help growers, but we can help in all aspects of your business. We want to make sure your product is safe from flies, gnats, spider mites, while your lab or offices are safe from silverfish, and your retail shop is free of cockroaches and rodents. We focus on keeping you safe from beginning to end. More importantly, though, we are ready to grow with you. More and more states are moving toward legalizing marijuana. If you are growing cannabis, then you were on the forefront of this. We assume you don’t want to stop here. While our branches are in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New York, and Rhode Island, we can still help you anywhere else – no matter what you grow. So, go ahead and expand into other states. It doesn’t matter where you go next, we have either a branch or a sister company that can provide you with the same expert service you will come to expect from us.
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When you have a business that deals with growing products plants – sometimes those plants can be both pharmaceutical and edible in nature. That means widely diverse pest pressures. Combine that with the logistics of shipping your products or plants to the retail stores that sell it and there almost isn’t a pest you won’t come across. The good news is, when you partner with Waltham Pest Services, it doesn’t matter the pest – we can take care of it.
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