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How Waltham GETS RID OF Rodents

No matter which rodent is creating problems in your business, our Board Certified Entomologists know how to deal with them – and why rat and mouse treatments at your business are so important. We know the audits food processing facilities have to go through and how just one rodent can hurt your chances of passing them. We also know that rats and mice in your business can chew threw insulation, electric wires, cardboard, and even drywall. Our scenting services can help neutralize the odors in your garbage areas that may be attracting the rodents in the first place. Through our rodent treatments and rodent control products as well as educating you and your employees, together we can conquer rodent control.

Problems Caused by Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice are filthy pests. Since they tend to congregate around garbage and trash areas, they can pick up many kinds of bacteria. Rats and mice both are known to indirectly or directly transmit 35 diseases including salmonellosis, typhus, Hantavirus, and even the plague. And we all know what just one rat or mouse sighting in your business can do to your reputation. Bring in a professional rodent exterminator and let us help protect your brand.

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