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It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a senior community or an assisted living facility, our senior citizens are some of the most beloved people in our community. You also have heroes working there. Keeping both safe and healthy starts with a clean environment, and pests can threaten that. The many different pests that can be attracted to senior housing and care facilities can cause a host of problems. Bed bugs can hitchhike in on staff and visitors and can spread from room to room pretty quickly. Routine inspections by our Waltham Canine Bed Bug Detection Service will catch bed bugs early to help keep them contained. Cafeterias are prone to disease-spreading flies, while rats and cockroaches love a good trash room or dumpster area. We can help with the pests, but we can also provide scenting services to neutralize the foul odors that are out of your control in those areas. You get the benefit of the original pest control company in New England as well as our trained and certified technicians that are backed by Board Certified Entomologists. Our experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry. Let us bring it to your senior living communitiy along with our professional disinfectant treatment. Keeping your residents and staff safe from both pathogens and pests is possible with Waltham Pest Services.
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When it comes to assisted living facilities and senior communities, the outside of the buildings is just as important as the inside, and we know it! From bed bugs to mosquitoes, learn more about the pests that are most likely to invade and hurt your reputation – not to mention your staff and residents.
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