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5 Reasons You Need K9 Bed Bug Detection

Since there’s no way to completely prevent a bed bug introduction, you have to be proactive in catching them early. Bed Bugs can easily hitchhike into any business on luggage, backpacks, and even on clothing. If your business has people coming and going often like healthcare facilities (including nursing homes), group homes, hotels, and apartment buildings, you know just how difficult it is.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs have nothing to do with the cleanliness at your business. While clutter gives them extra spots to hide, it doesn’t attract them. Bed bugs are attracted to human blood, so wherever a blood meal is available, that’s where they’ll be.

The only way to be proactive about bed bugs is with canine bed bug-sniffing dogs. Here are 5 ways bed bug dogs can help:

  1. Early detection. There may not be a way to prevent a bed bug introduction, but what about an infestation? Our bed bug-sniffing dogs are able to sniff out just one bed bug – alerting you to an issue before it becomes serious. The naked eye would never be able to do that. Our bed bug dogs can help you get in front of it early – before patients or staff see them. Your reputation is everything and with social media, a bed bug sighting can put a real dent in it. Our dogs and our handlers will deliver 98 percent effectiveness – the highest level validated – in detecting bed bugs at the time of inspection. It’s the closest thing you can get to prevention.
  2. Discrete. You may want to keep your building free from bed bugs, but you also probably don’t want to advertise it to the masses. Seeing any type of pest-related vehicle – especially bed bugs – can have a negative connotation to employees and patrons, even though you’re doing a positive thing to catch introductions early. Perception is reality, after all. Our handlers will show up in an unmarked car and the dogs are so well trained that they are quiet and will not react to people and noises. They can fly right under the radar while still doing their job, and your reputation can stay intact.
  3. They’re fast. Our bed bug dogs can inspect up to 125 rooms a day with little to no disruption to your day-to-day operations. Having routine inspections done in that quickly of a timeframe means you’ll always be on top of a possible bed bug issue.
  4. Highly trained. Our bed bug sniffing dogs have received more than 600 hours of training before they enter the field as a furry employee. But it’s more than just the dogs. Our handlers are also trained and certified and have extensive field experience working with and managing canine behavior under real-life working conditions in many different environments. Not just anyone can do that job, and if only the dog is trained, then it’s just not as accurate as it could be.
  5. Happy people. You’ve surely heard of therapy dogs and seeing-eye dogs. Their training makes them calm and exceptionally kind. We have customers in long-term care facilities as well as assisted living situations and our dogs bring smiles to all the faces they encounter. Their sweet disposition makes them the star of the day every time they show up. We’re proud that all of our bed bug dogs were rescued from kill shelters and we love that they bring smiles to our customer’s faces.

Those are just five ways bed bug sniffing dogs can be a benefit to your business. But, it’s really more about the Waltham bed bug-sniffing dogs. Some companies will tout the dogs but forget that the handlers should be highly trained as well. Other companies don’t have the years of experience we do and aren’t able to get to that 98 percent effectiveness. So, whether you manage a hotel, an apartment building, or a hospital, you can be proactive against bed bugs with the Waltham Canine Bed Bug Detection Services. Contact us today.

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