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We provide the Cape Cod area with superior, guaranteed pest control services.

From tourism to weather conditions, many factors bring pests to Cape Cod. No matter with one of these pests is giving you trouble, you can rest easy — our team is here to help. As a trusted, local pest exterminator, whether you have rodents, cockroaches, or anything else, we will get them out fast. We are the trusted pest control company near you.

Cockroach Control

Nobody wants a cockroach in their home. Thankfully, our seasoned team of pros can get them out quick.
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Rodent Control

Rodents can cause all types of problems, from disease to damage. We'll get them out fast so you can rest easy.
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Termite Control

We're here to protect your largest investment from hungry termites. Give us a call, we'll keep them away from your home.
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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are considered the world’s most dangerous animal just for the sheer number of diseases they can carry. Stay safe from West Nile this year.
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Google Reviews
11 reviews
7 months ago
We bought a new home on Cape Cod and our previous home had been serviced by Waltham so it made sense to have them service our new home. Issue started with getting an estimate, I provided the wrong square footage and took several calls to try and get it updated. Then we never received the email with the contract for our review and approval. Again several calls and still never received an email "Its in your email", I was told, "check your spam". Even confirmed the email address on file. Total of 5 calls. We called Terminix, who came out the next day. Unfortunate, as we were a loyal customer of Waltham Pest Services for 20 years.
D Coray
D Coray
4 years ago
Just had a GREAT experience with Brad. He was super helpful & explained everything extremely well! We use Waltham for not only any residential issues but also at our Business! They have been taking care of our business for years & doing such a fantastic job with their preventive measures, we have NEVER had any issues!!! Also, today we just needed an inspection on a property & much to my surprise Brad let me know that there is never a charge for inspections! Needless to say, we highly recommend Waltham Services & Brad!
Scott Hofmann
Scott Hofmann
2 years ago
Ive had the best experience I could ask for with a Pest Control company. The Rep Brad Carter was incredibly knowledgeable, was a few minutes early which I loved and was very respectful of our home. He not only treated what needed to be done, but before he did, he explained to me what he was doing which made me feel great about my decision to go with him. I highly recommend Waltham Pest Services and specifically Brad Carter.
Joe P.
Joe P.
6 months ago
In over twenty years in the pest industry, I’ve worked for many companies. Once christian weppert took over prices went up and quality went straight down. Under his leadership they have become athe laughingstock of the industry .
Jill A
Jill A
4 years ago
I very highly recommend Waltham Pest Service!! My husband and I just purchased a home in Middletown, RI. We use Waltham Services for a home in Massachusetts, so contacting them again was a no brainer. I was put in touch with Brad Carter. He immediately addressed all of our concerns, and he and Jordan Furtado both came to do the treatment. They were so knowledgeable and thorough!! Thank you Brad and Jordan- I'll def sleep better now knowing that the pest issue is under control!!