Carpet Beetle Control

Their next meal shouldn’t be your next fabric.

About Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are basically nature’s clean-up crew. Their diet is made up of dried-up animal waste as well as fabrics like wool – making your house a great spot for them to thrive. Because they are pretty tiny, they can squeeze through even the smallest opening or tear (and of course an open door or window). Not only can adult carpet beetles also enter on secondhand furniture, rugs, or clothing but since that’s where they lay their eggs, you may also be bringing in their children. A deep scrub of these items before bringing them in will go a long way in preventing an introduction of them.

The larvae of these beetles will eat fur, silk, and even eat through leather! Their bristly hair can irritate sensitive skin as well. Even though adult carpet beetles can feed on pollen, their favorite cuisine is dead bugs. Flies and wasps that are seeking shelter from the elements may not survive in your home. That’s a great food source for carpet beetles. In the fall, several pests will be squeezing into your home. Carpet beetles may follow knowing that not all of those pests will make it. The adults will also make their way under molding and baseboards since their next favorite meal – human and/or pet hair – will be found. And if you have adult carpet beetles in your home, odds are you have larvae and eggs, too.

  • Will leave holes in your fabrics, carpets, and furniture
  • Can irritate skin and cause itching
  • Adults can be a sign of a larger, hidden infestation
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How to Detect Carpet Beetles

You may have a hard time seeing the small holes or missing fabric that results from carpet beetle damage. Unfortunately, that means they could have already been there a while, chewing their way through your wallet. Take note if you see them flying around lights or crawling on windowsills and if there is a fine powder laying around dead bugs, their larvae were probably feeding. The best thing you can do to detect carpet beetles is to bring in a trained eye. Only a professional can see them with the naked eye.

How to Prevent Carpet Beetles

Making sure to repair any torn screens and sealing around your doors and window is actually the best way to keep out many pests – including carpet beetles. Your upholstery should be regularly vacuumed, and a steam clean of carpets and fabric will do the trick, too. Be sure to include the cat or dog bed in that process since the bugs can hitchhike in on Scruffy and Fluffy. Secondhand items should be thoroughly cleaned before you bring them inside.
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